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Backup Bookmarks Chrome

Chrome synchronizes the bookmarks in the clould but if you would like to have offline copy of it this module can help.

Chrome bookmarks are stored in user directory in C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks file. Bookmarks are stored in the json file without extension.

Module takes bookmarks file for logged user and copy it to chosen directory.

Backup-BookmarksChrome -Destination d:\backup

Module also can save file to the OneDrive directory and to the current date directory.

Backup-BookmarksChrome -ToDateDirectory -ToPersonalOneDrive -Destination Chrome  Backup-BookmarksChrome -ToDateDirectory -DateNamePrefix p -DateNameSuffix s -ToPersonalOneDrive -Destination Chrome

Module allows to restore data from chosen directory and from last date directory.

Restore-BookmarksChrome "D:\OneDrive\ChromeBackup\" -FromLastDateDirectory -verbose