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Backup Bookmarks IE

Copy all Internet Explorer bookmarks to the given path.

Module reads the registry to locate the favorites path and copy all the contents to the given localization.


Registry key with Favorites property.

Backup-BookmarksIE -Destination D:\Trash\ 

Module allows to use couple of the switches which helps organize backups – Destination – path where backup should be placed – ToDateDirectory – if used directory with the date name will be created. Date will have format For example 2017. – DateNamePrefix – it allows to add some words before date (checkout example) – DateNameSuffix – as above – ToPersonalOneDrive – it will backup favorites to personal one drive. You don’t need to provide what is the real OneDrive location – ToBusinessOneDrive – as above

Backup-BookmarksIE -Destination D:\Trash\ -ToDateDirectory -DateNamePrefix ie